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Plenty To Do

I was raised in Corpus and I miss it dearly. Mustang Island, the aquarium, and the museum are just a few things to do in Corpus. If you like lots of people and the party scene, then Mustang Island is the way to go. North Beach is quieter and more family oriented (well-kept secret). North Beach is also where the Lexington and the aquarium are located. Dining is at its finest downtown. The po-boys at Nolan’s are the best. The Aster Steak House is a reasonable place with great steaks (free 47 oz. steak if you eat it in 30 minutes). There is an arts area in downtown Corpus Christi convenient and entertaining for all. The art museum, the history museum, and The Little Theater are all about 50 yards from each other. Deep-sea fishing on the Captain Clark is a must.

All in all, Corpus Christi is a wonderful vacation spot with a variety of fun things to do. I highly recommend it.

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