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An adorable town called Weston....

Weston Photo, Weston, Missouri

A perfect small town. . .

What a cute town! My husband and I decided to spend a day here just antiquing and relaxing. We have never been here although we live just about an hour away in Kansas City, Missouri. This town has so much to offer, especially for a nice quiet day trip!

First of all, you can find everything you need at the Weston Missouri Website It’s very informative, giving information on things such as its early residences and commercial structures. According to the website, in 1972, a major portion of the early town was designated a Historic District and placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The website states, "Weston offers a wide range of historical experiences; from antebellum homes, winery, 1850's distillery and museums to the only tobacco auction west of the Mississippi River."

We visited the winery and it was so interesting. We also took a basket of cheese and crackers, along with a bottle of wine to the sweet and romantic vineyard terrace to relax (see picture below!)

The antique shops were absolutely adorable, and it was hard not to spend a lot!! We also learned that Weston one of the top ten antiquing towns in the Midwest, and its not hard to see why!!! All the little shops have such cute items!

There is also a pub called O'Malley’s Pub that we have heard rave reviews about, but didn’t get a chance to visit!

All in all, this was a wonderful day, spent romantically with my husband. I wouldn't hesitate to go back and even visit one of their adorable B&Bs!!

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