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Ren Fest in Bonner Springs! (Huzzah!)

Madrigalia Bar None Singers! Photo, Bonner Springs, Kansas

First off, this is hands down one of the best Ren Fests in the country. That said, it’s a whole lot of fun too! For the family, for kids, and for kids of all ages! The entire website of this festival can be found here: Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Now, on to the specifics! This festival is held in Bonner Springs, KS, which is about a half hour from downtown Kansas City. Tickets at the gate are $15.95 for adults, and $7.95 for kiddos! Under 5? It’s Free! Not only that, if you want to bring your doggie (see our fairy dog picture below!), all you need is proof that he has his vaccinations and it will cost you a one time per year $2.00 fee! Note, if you plan on coming several times in one year, there are special memberships available that might make it a good investment. You can find that information on their website, but its anywhere from 60 dollars to 100 for a season membership depending on how many times you go, etc.

The Ren Fest starts usually at the beginning of September each year, and lasts through the end of October! Each weekend is a "themed" weekend every year, so no matter if you go once or all weekends, you will have a great time! But each weekend they have something called the Queen's Tea which is $7.00 extra and lets you drink tea with the queen. Also there is the Royal Cigar Smoker which lets you get a great turkey leg dinner along with a cigar!

Other favorite attractions in these 16 acres of shaded land include the jousting tournament, costumed characters wandering about, musical acts performing for free at all times, food, shops, and great shows like "Puke and Snot!"

There is a children's realm, a petting zoo, and even an enchanted forest to wander in! If you are lucky, you might even see an ACTUAL wedding going on, as these are booked throughout the 7 weeks that the festival goes on!

There are wonderful shops and artisans there. You can find everything from clothing to swords. Dwarf Mountain Knives has the best handmade knives you can find! Tigger Tog has great clothes that are all handmade! Great ideas are available for kids too! Everything from fairy wings to face painting! Kids will LOVE this place!

Finally, food. Oh my gosh, the FOOD!! Turkey legs, ice cream like you've never had, kettle corn, the list goes on and on. But you HAVE TO TRY the bread bowl soup. It’s to die for!

Bonner Springs, KS is just a short drive from Kansas City, and therefore, accommodations abound. However, if you want to drive out just for the Ren Fest, there are some places to stay near there. Area hotels can be found if you click: HERE.

Whether or not you've ever gone to a Ren Fest before, this one is one of the best to try out! It has over 150 booths, I believe, and is one of the largest in the country. It is sponsored by the Kansas City Art Institute so all the proceeds from the entrance fees, etc. go to a good cause! Huzzah!

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