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Moorea, a pearl in the South Pacific

The Bay Photo, Moorea, French Polynesia

Moorea is one of the most exotic, lush islands in the South Pacific. With its high mountain peaks, crystal-clear water, green plant life, and excellent snorkeling, we felt we were truly in paradise. The island is undeveloped. It probably looked about the same when Captain Cook arrived in Moorea. The French and French Polynesians are friendly. They welcomed us to their island. This is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

We decided to take a safari tour with a company called Moorea Explorer to see this magnificent island. Early in the morning, Romeo, our tour guide, picked us up at our hotel. We loaded into the four-wheel-drive vehicle and we were on our way to a great and exciting adventure. Our first destination was on the other side of the island. We pass through Cooks Bay and Opunohu Bay, this was our first glance of them. The water so blue with the mountains in the background - it was more beautiful than we could imagine.

We reached the dirt road to the mountain peak we will go up. Romeo told us to stand on our seats and hold on. This was a very, very bumpy ride. We were bounced around like a basketball. The ride was worth it. We got out of the Jeep and we stood on top of Magic Mountain, having an unbelievable view of the island. After taking pictures, we got back into the jeep to head down this dirt road. This was even more exciting because we had to back down. We held on tight and we were on our way to our next destination.

The next stop was Belvedere Point. Here you have a magnificent view of both bays, Cooks and Opunohu. This was truly of Kodak moment. If you rent a car, you can take this road to the top because it is paved. We then headed down the mountain and about midway down you have a great view of Mouaroa Peak, this is the famous peak you see in the movie South Pacific. It is one of the most photographed and famous areas on the entire island.

We then went off road into a pineapple field. Here we saw how pineapples grow on the island. Moorea is one of the leading producers of pineapple. It is different from Hawaii’s because you can eat the center. Romeo set up snacks of fresh pineapple and coconut. It was refreshing after the heat of the sun.

Our last stop was a distillery. Here you get free samples of their alcohol. Your first shot is a low proof alcohol and you work your way up to 100 proof. In all you have about 12 to 16 shots. After that bumpy ride, we were not up for too many shots.

The safari tour is a great and exciting way to see some of the island. You go to most of the major scenic areas on Moorea. I would take this trip again the next time I visit.

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