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Day 1 - St. Thomas
St. Thomas has one of the most beautiful ports of all of the Caribbean. The harbour is filled with sailboats and ships, with the mountains as a backdrop. It is a picture perfect harbour.

We decided to shop in the morning and hit the beach in the afternoon. It is a short cab ride to the downtown area. The cab cost about $5. St. Thomas is truly a shoppers’ paradise. The town is very quaint lined with small shops and restaurants. The stores open early when a cruise ship is in port. You will not have any problems finding jewelry, linens, and alcohol. You can bargain with the merchants. They are all trying to get your business. I bought a bracelet but I thought St. Martin had better prices.

There are a variety of restaurants, but we did not need to eat since we have unlimited food on the ship. After shopping, we went back to the ship to catch a quick bite at the buffet and to head to Megans Bay.

This cab ride is about 15 to 20 minutes. You can take the long route up to Mountain Top to see the entire island, but we did not since we did it the last time we were in St. Thomas. You do get a great view of Megans Bay. Megans Bay was voted one of the best beaches by National Geographic, and it is with its white sandy beaches and its crystal clear blue water. At the beach, you can rent beach chairs and rafts. It is a great way to spend the day relaxing in the warm waters of the Caribbean.

Day 2 - St. Martin
St. Martin is unique because one side of the island is Dutch and the other side is French. You have two different cultures on such a small island. Like St. Thomas, St. Martin also has a very picturesque port, as the habour is filled with boats and ships with the mountains in the background.

We decided to shop in the morning and hit the beach in the afternoon. The shopping was outstanding; this is truly a shopper’s paradise with even more stores to shop in than St. Thomas. I thought you get better deals here. After shopping, we took a 20-minute cab ride on the French side to hit the beach.

The waiter on the ship recommended Orient Beach and he was right. Along the beach are little shacks with small restaurants playing Caribbean music and serving great rum drinks. This beach has a great Caribbean flavor, but do not be surprised if you see nudes - this is the French side of the island and we were close to a clothing optional resort. It is great entertainment. Orient Beach has a variety of water sports you can do. This beach is not as quiet as St. Thomas, but is worth visiting.

Day 3 - Dominica
We took a cruise excursion at this port. The best thing about this trip was the ride up to the falls. We were on a one-lane, semi-paved road and I held my breath every time I saw an oncoming vehicle. My recommendation is to skip this port completely. I would not suggest walking into town. It is a good day to stay on the ship and enjoy having the ship to yourself.

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