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Grand Cayman – To HELL and back

Seven Mile Beach Photo, Panama Canal, Panama

I was very excited about this port. I thought that this might be my favorite stop, but I was wrong. Over NINE cruise ships are in port at this tiny island. This means that over 20,000 people flooded the streets and the beaches. Traffic was unbearable. Besides that, the island still did not recover from the hurricane from over 6 months ago. Many shops and resorts are closed and there was no plant life.

My original plan was to first stop at Seven Mile Beach and, in the early afternoon, take a cab ride over to Hell and back (a small town located on the other side of the island that is very popular to visit). There is NO need to GO TO HELL; I was in HELL on Seven Mile Beach. Late morning, Seven Mile Beach was packed with people. For a moment, I thought I was sitting on a SOUTH JERSEY BEACH with all the people kicking sand on me. Not only that, but people were leaning on my lounge chair to put their snorkeling gear on. I had so much sand on me, I walked over to the showers and two guys tried to cut in front of the line. I was actually under the shower when I saw a hand reach out to turn on the faucet below me to wash his feet. I told him to wait his turn. THIS WAS UNBELIEVABLE! This is what you would expect on a South Jersey Beach, not in the Grand Caymans.

I thought that maybe I could get some peace out in the water, but I was wrong. Every half-hour, a snorkeling boat was loading or unloading. I rented a raft, and a couple of times I was paddling like a crazy person to get out of the way when the boat docked. Not a very pleasant experience at all. By 2pm, I had had enough. It took over 45 minutes to take a 5-minute ride back to town. I planned on going to Hell, but did not have enough time because of all the traffic. In town, the streets were crowded and there was no place to walk. I just got back on the ship and was happy to be out of this crowded island.

After this experience, I am shying away from cruises. There should be some kind of limit to how many cruise ships are in at port at the same time. A small island like the Caymans cannot handle this many people. With the growing popularity of cruise ships and the amount of people one cruise ships handles, the Caribbean will be over loaded with people like in the big cities. Why would I want to get away to this?

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