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Islands of Adventure and Beyond!

I will say that we chose the right time of the year to take our vacation to Florida.

Between Disney World and Island of Adventure, all rides at the major theme parks had no more than a 5 or 10 min. wait on them. We were able to ride anything as long and as often as we wanted! It was like having the whole park at your finger tips. Riding the Hulk 5 times in a row just because you can gets a little sickening (if you know what I mean), but who wouldn't if there was only a 5 min. wait?

I would recommmend to anyone to go to Orlando between Thanksgiving and Christmas if you want to enjoy tempid climate and low populated theme parks. Think about it! No 15 min wait to use the bathrooms, let alone the 20 min wait to buy that bottle of water you are soooo thirsty for. No more congested walk ways where people seem to stop dead in the middle of traffic just to take a picture.

I am not normally a 'crowd' person myself, and admit that I was not looking forward to rubbing shoulders with millions of other people to wait in line all day; but when we realized how slow this time of year is for the theme parks, we were able to sit back and enjoy the parks and our family within them.

My 4yr old daughter tells me that the Spiderman ride was her favorite, and my 11yr old tells me that the Hulk cannot be outdone by any other roller coaster (but Space Mountain comes in close 2nd). Hopefully you will consider their opinions just as seriously as you consider mine. This trip was more for them than it was for ourselves.

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