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The verdict is in!

THEhotel Photo, Las Vegas, Nevada

Even in its incomplete form, THEhotel definitely ranks first among its counterparts, Harrah's (suite) is second, and The Venetian, third.

THEhotel's furnishings were nothing short of exquisite, the decor tasteful, and the housekeeping immaculate. The features of the standard room cannot be topped. It's worth noting that this was also the only suite which had high-speed internet access available in the room. Additionally, it was the only room with an extra half-bath that came standard. In fact, all of the photos in the entry are from the standard room, not the V Suite. Incredibly, the V Suite also had a second plasma TV in the bedroom, and the same LCD screen TV that was in the full bath in the standard suite.

Yes, THEhotel had its problems, but so did Harrah's check-in and the Venetian's unacceptable housekeeping. (The housekeeping issue alone at the Venetian is enough to not make me want to stay there again.) Harrah's addressed their problems with an upgrade, as did THEhotel. It's interesting to note that when I tried to email the Venetian with my comments, the email bounced! I've since forwarded it through the webmaster and am anxious to see if I receive a response. The Venetian comment card did not have a mailing address and since I received it on my way out, it didn't help.

UPDATE: It's been months and I never did hear back from the Venetian. Other items worth mentioning are the bath amenities at THEhotel. I don't usually get excited over these things, but they really did an amazing job with all of the products, so I'm including photos of them here.

The desk also had an incredible leather blotter with very expensive stationery. Even the desk pens were metal and very high quality. THEhotel just exudes class and opulence while remaining trendy at the same time.

They might be taking the "THE" thing a tad too far, though. For instance, THElounge, THEgym, THEbathhouse . . . the phone directory is marked "THEdigits" . . . the writing instrument is "THEpen". Yes, I get it. However, it's difficult not to fall into emphasizing the "THE". I caught myself saying, "I'll meet you in THE lobby" and "Please hand me THE glass."

So, there you have it. THEhotel is number one. That's THEverdict!

I visited Las Vegas six months later, in July of 2004. Read Suite Vegas, Part Two for more up-to-date information (includes a visit to the Venetian's top-floor Prima Suite, the Penthouse at Bellagio, and bad news about THEhotel)!

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