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North Woods Vacation vs. Disney World?!?!

So, is a Breezy Point vacation a good vacation option? Perhaps you’re looking for a vacation trade in Orlando or other major vacation market but haven’t found what you’re looking for.

We spent a week in Orlando this past June, so it is interesting to make some comparisons between this trip and our Florida vacation.

First off, a vacation here is not a theme-park vacation. Sure, there is Paul Bunyanland and some amusement parks, but if you are looking for Disney, go to Disney. This is not the uniformly packaged, themed vacation that you’ll find at some resorts. If you enjoy being active and doing things, you will love a vacation here.

Sportsmen and women: This one should be a no-brainer. You probably already know about the outstanding fishing and hunting in this area. You also probably already know that this is one of the best places for snowmobile or ATV-ing.

Golfers: This is a major golf destination with some very fine courses. This is a popular fly-in golf destination for many people. The courses are in great condition and can stand with the best of the rest. The scenic view of these courses cut through the woods stand second to only a few like Pebble Beach or Hilton Head.

Biking & Hiking: You’ll love it here. There are major bike trails and plenty of woods for hiking and discovering.

Families: If you love mini-golf, go-karts, waterslides, swimming, biking, hiking, boating, and shopping, it is all here. It is a relaxing type of vacation. You don’t feel you have to figure how to do the whole theme park in one day. You figure how you’ll enjoy your day.

I asked my children what they thought. What vacation did they like best? Our Disney and SeaWorld trip or this one? There was a long pause with no answer. Finally, my daughter answered, "That’s really hard." I tried to help them by asking, "So, did you like them both the same?" They readily answered "Yes!" to that question.

I can’t begin to delude myself that everyone will feel the same as my children, but I think that short unscientific measure was helpful for me. Personally, I relaxed more and tended to "enjoy" this vacation more, even though I am a tremendous fan of central Florida.

The Breezy Point area is a great place to slow down and take a vacation where you might read a book, golf a round, swim a lot, shop, eat, and, all in all, have fun. If this is what you are looking for in vacation, give Breezy Point or Breezy Point Whitebirch a try.

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