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Golf in and around Breezy Point

Golf is big in this northern vacationland. Breezy Point is home to two well-designed and well-kept courses. The Traditional Course is best for the recreational golfer or one who enjoys a course where a strong long game is not required. At 5,192 yards, this course plays well and is a great course to for the weaker player or for the experienced player to "warm up" on. White Birch is Breezy’s more advanced course. At 6,730 yards, a long game is helpful to get the scores you want. As with all courses in this area, the Breezy Point courses are carved into the beautiful landscape, and even if your game isn’t up to par, you’ll enjoy the beautiful vistas. Golf at Breezy Point averages about $50 to $60 per day, cart included. There are weeklong membership deals available for guests staying at the resort.

While the Breezy Point courses can keep you busy for your entire week, there are several other outstanding golf options located very close to the resort. Grand View Lodge is another major resort in this area and host to three courses that any serious golfer would want to experience. The Deacon’s Lodge course is located only a mile or so from the Breezy entrance. At 6,964 yards, this can be a tough challenge for any golfer. The Pines is 6,883 yards, and anyone would love the beautiful rolling hills and carved fairways of the Preserve at 6,601 yards. Golf at the Grand View courses runs at about $85 to $100, including the cart.

The final golf resort worth mentioning for this review is Craguns. There is the Dutch 18 at 6,879 yards and Bobby’s 18 at 6,755 yards. Golf at Craguns ranges from $50 weekdays to $100 weekends, including a cart with GPS a guidance system. Anyone would love these GPS units—sort of like having a pro caddy able to feed you the exact distance information you need.

These courses are the golf highlights of this area, and each course is within about a 10-mile range from Breezy Point. There are four or five short or casual course options for the beginner or to simply get some practice on. There are also many other great golf options available for those willing to drive a little farther away, but with so many good options close by, there certainly is no need to do so.

All courses listed are full-service, with pros, pro-shops, bars, and food service available. North Woods golf is an experience any golfer would love, and even if your golf game isn’t up to par, the scenery and overall experience is a hole-in-one.

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