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Our family enjoys going GeoCaching. GeoCaching is a high-tech scavenger hunt. There are caches hidden all around the world. The website is the place where one can find cache coordinates in any area.

I found the cache coordinates while at home and printed out the information we would need. There is a guest computer with printer available by the Breezy Point Resort office as well. The coordinates are entered into a GPS unit. The GPS unit then helps you locate what you are looking for.

The cache is a container—sometimes large, other times very small—that contains a logbook and often times small treasures to trade. At times, the cache container has been an old ammo box or a large plastic jug. Other times, the cache container has been as small as an Altoids tin or medicine bottle.

The GPS coordinates put you in the vicinity, and it is up to you to find the cache. We found two GeoCaches while visiting Breezy Point. The first was an easy find just a few steps off the Paul Bunyan Trail, although if you didn’t know it was there, you’d probably never find it.

The second was a little more difficult, but fun to find. Oftentimes cache containers are located in holes of hollowed out logs or trees. This cache was hung from a wire and hook above the hole. We had looked at that tree several times before actually finding the cache.

GeoCaching is popular and growing in popularity. We often run into others who are doing the same thing. This time, we ran into a couple of adults who had recently been introduced to GeoCaching on their trip to Sweden.

Our children have fun with the GeoCaching, and finding the trinkets and prizes (as insignificant as they may be) are an added bonus. It also gets us into the woods and enjoying nature and some great walks.

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