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Getting to the Grenadines

Getting to the Grenadines is no easy feat. After a slew of problems, I thought I’d take a moment to give you a few pointers:

Most connections go to the Grenadines from Barbados, St. Lucia, and Puerto Rico. There are two main airlines serving the Grenadines: Trans Island Air ( and SVG ( Neither is luxurious, and both are fairly expensive. We booked on the carrier Mustique Airways, but what this place does not tell you on its website ( is that all the airlines in the Grenadines except SVG are part of a coalition, so it doesn’t matter which one you book with—since you'll probably end up flying Trans Island Air anyway.

Expect delays and lost luggage. We had lots of problems with Trans Island Air. Because the island we were headed to—Union Island, the gateway to many of the southern Grenadines—had no lights, we could only land there during the day. Our 4pm flight had some mechanical problems, and as a result, we were grounded overnight in Barbados.

From what I gathered from the people at my hotel in Barbados—whose existence seemed to rely upon these unexpected layovers—this is a very common occurrence. Another regular happening is the loss of luggage. At least half the people I met in the Grenadines had been without their luggage for at least one night (including myself), so pack accordingly.

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