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Rotorua: kinda stinky, kinda kitschy

The north island town of Rotorua is filled with things to do. But first you must deal with the smell. The entire town smells like hot rotting eggs. . . this is because of all the geothermal springs in the area--geysers, mud pots, and the like. You actually get used to the smell by day two. But anyway, in Rotorua you can go to geothermal pools/springs, attend a sheep shearing "show" at the Agrodome, go to an authentic Maori feast/show called a "hangi," shop for all sorts of sheep related and general New Zealand souvenirs. There is also a big Maori cultural center with model villages and a lot of art, carvings, etc. Oh and of course you can go skydiving, bungee, and even roll down a hill in a giant clear ball. I think the Kiwis call this "zorbing"--who knows why? I didn't do it, but I must admit it looked pretty wacky.

Anyway, Rotorua is action packed. It might be a bit touristy and even a bit much for some, but alas, I went and thought I'd throw in my two cents on stinky, but interesting, Rotorua.

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