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Not a Gold Crown Resort

Moritz Photo, Cayman Islands, Caribbean

We arrived at the Moritz at 5 pm. It took 45 minutes to check-in after driving 1 hour from the other side of the island. The reservation form indicated 2 persons for the 1BR but I had reserved the room for 4. I asked another clerk if this room would be large enough for 4 and was told they would send up a cot but it would be fine.

When I got to the room it was on the third level-no elevator and two flights of stairs up. The room was located in the back of the resort facing the highway with the balcony facing the pool. Two large trash cans were situated 6 feet from the door; the bathroom consisted of a single vanity and two doors on each side of the tub-one opening into the bedroom and the other into the living room. We had to move the coffee table onto the balcony in order to open the sleep sofa and fit the cot in the efficiency area. The cot was another matter-it was v-shaped in the middle, rusted and dirty. As far as the linens were concerned-they were not clean and smelled as if they had been used.

We never saw the housekeeper and had to wash our own dishes which was not a problem since we only cooked one meal in the room. The main swimming pool was cleaned once during our stay; the other pools are for kiddies, and there are only three or so hammocks on the beach.

Sunday morning- I asked the front desk clerk if I could change rooms for 4 adults and was told that I had to wait until Monday. I asked to upgrade to a 2BR and offered to pay the difference but the clerk refused.

Monday morning-I spoke with the front desk manager and was told that there were no 2BR’s, no first floor rooms, or ocean view rooms available. She went on to say that I should have made arrangements when I first arrived and they should have given me another room and I should have spoken to the manager. She also told me that RCI had no offices and she did not know of any other resorts but the Grand Caymanian which is not btw part of the RCI network.

Monday night I returned to the room and found an army of tiny ants on the kitchen counter, as well as, a 3 inch cockroach perched on the trash can. We were freaked out and called the front desk to ask them to come and remove the bug. A maintenance person arrived and I asked him to take the trash can out and leave it there. He then reached into the cabinet above the refrigerator and pulled out a can of bug spray whereupon I immediately stopped him from spraying since we were going to retire for the night.

The next day I made reservations with another resort in the West Bay area for Friday. I had made arrangements for other activities until then and did not plan to stay in the room any longer than necessary. We checked out at 6 am Friday and moved into a very comfortable, clean, and modern Courtyard.

The Moritz is a low class resort because it is old, run-down, dirty, and the people who work there know it. I believe that the front desk did not want to move me and lied to keep space for those people willing to do battle and otherwise demand they get a larger room. When I was at the airport I talked with another couple who was with a family that was using two 2BR’s and they were equally unhappy with their stay. There is a limited number of ocean front ground floor rooms available-hence some of the "highly recommended reviews". In comparison to the several other gold crown resorts I have visited, this is definitely not of the same caliber.

With the exception of large fish inhabiting the small pier (which you cannot fish from), there is nothing of island interest at the resort. It is located one hour from the swimming beaches, shopping, and the variety of places to eat. There is one small grocery store close by but no other restaurant except the one at the Moritz. For the budget minded-I paid $24 for two mixed drinks, a decaf, and a chocolate sundae. There is a shopping plaza being built across from the hotel with the same name. I imagine that this company is trying to squeeze all its revenue from the old portion into the new at the expense of the uninitiated. I would never go back there and I warn anyone contemplating a visit to this hotel to beware.

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