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The Resort on Cocoa Beach

When we went to Cocoa Beach, we were originally staying in a large chain hotel. We were extremely unhappy with our small room where we were planning on staying the next 8 days. On our way to the beach on our first day a young man in a golf cart asked us if we needed anything such as tickets to attractions and the like. We told him we had gotten all our tickets before we left home. He then asked us if we were interested in looking at a timeshare. My husband said absolutely not, I said we have nothing else to do today, let’s check it out.

On the way over to the resort, my husband sounded like that Circuit city commercial, "Don't say anything, Don't ask anything, Don't look interested." When we got there we were greeted by a nice gentleman named Diego. We dropped the kids off at the daycare, and went to spend some time with Diego. Well, the 90-minute presentation stretched to almost 3 hours with my husband breaking every single rule he had set down. We loved the place and Diego was very thorough and helpful.

After we purchased, with our weeks starting the next year, my husband asked if there was any way we could stay there for the rest of our vacation, because we were really unhappy where we were staying. Diego checked it out for us and came back and said to check out of where we were staying and to check into the resort the next day. We were thrilled!!

The hardest part of the day was getting our 5-year-old to leave the day care. He was having a great time. They had gone to the 50-seat movie theater and watched a movie while we were gone.

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