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Disney and the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Hi all,

Well, as stated in the overview, we were quite impressed with Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge (AKL). Staying on the Savannah and watching the animals was just a treat and well worth paying for.

We arrived in the afternoon the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. After checking in and marveling at the giraffes we wandered down to Boma - which was just opening. Since we were so early we managed to get seated right away but it sure did fill up fast. The food was yummy so please be sure to read my review.

After dinner we decided to catch a bus over to the Magic Kingdom.

Oh - just a divergence here - one really nice thing about staying at AKL is that it's the only stop on its bus line. So at the end of a long day in the parks, you just hop on a bus and your next stop is the AKL - unlike other hotels where there are multiple stops along the way.

So we did some wandering through the MK. We went straight to Adventureland and hit the Dole stand (DH's favorite) and kind of drifted around, but it turned out we were exhausted and ended up heading back to the hotel.

Side note: Thanksgiving week is crowded. Very crowded. Now, I've been to Disney World many times and most of them in August so I understand what crowded is like. Turkey week is like August without the humidity.

When we got back to the hotel we decided to treat ourselves and setup breakfast in our room the next morning. Extremely expensive but very good (I even had a mimosa!). We had Mickey wake us up at 8, ate breakfast and my DH crashed back to sleep (AKL has WONDERFUL curtains - they really keep the light out well). So I took my laptop out on the balconey and watched my Buffy DVDs in the sunlight, pausing often to admire the four legged creatures wandering about. *Sigh*. What a way to spend a day.

DH did eventually wake so we headed on down to MGM Studios and rode the Tower of Terror and Rockin Roller Coaster, after saying hi and seeing the Muppet's 3D movie - again.

The next day was Turkey day and, since we weren't doing our usual and eating with the folks, we decided to be totally different. We went over to EPCOT and had lunch at the Rose & Crown in England, where, unsurprisngly, they had a Thanksgiving Day special. Since we had an anti-Turkey day theme going, we stuck with the regular menu. Good food, too.

We were lucky again to get in without a Priority Seating - only a 10 minute wait, but he had stopped in Canada at Le Cellier, and they were booked solid - not even giving a waiting estimate.

So we spent the rest of the day enjoying EPCOT and had dinner over in Japan at the Teppanyaki. It was very good. Rather crowded though. They were absolutely mobbed - PS's very important. We had planned to watch Illuminations from the balconey of the restaurant, but we were just too tired, so we decided to beat the crowds and head on back to the AKL.

Friday was another sleep-in day. I wandered around AKL taking pictures and exploring the lodge. DH really needed to sleep so we simply relaxed - it's so nice to do that. We decided to have a 'special' evening, so we got "dressed up" (not really but nicer than jeans shorts) and had dinner at Jiko's. Another yum! See my review. Then we went over to Pleasure Island and the Adventurer's Club.

We didn't stay out too late since check out was the next day, but we did have fun. All in all, I give AKL high marks, and it was nice to stay on site for a while. However, as wonderful as the lodge was, I was glad to head on over to the Orange Lake Resort for the next part of our journey...

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