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Eating Out In Copenhagen

Eating in Copenhagen can be a real gastronomic delight.

One of the national dishes is herring, and any of the cafes along Nyhavn offer herring in numerous forms: curried, baked, boiled, fried, and stewed, amongst others, along with the beautiful setting of the canal and the almost Dutch-style architecture of the houses.

Wherever you eat, keep a good lookout for the lunchtime specials - i.e., as much as you can eat for 49 or 59 DKK ( £5-£6 ). They are a real bargain, and if you are sticking to a budget, often the best way to eat.

Along the main Stroget ( the pedestrianised shopping precinct ), you will find all the usual high-street paraphernalia - McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, and pizza houses. There has been a large increase in Chinese and Middle Eastern restaurants, too, and I would advise anyone to try "Sam's Bar" ( there are two of them along the Stroget ) - Chinese take-outs in a box; mix and match three dishes from the nine available for 25DKK ( about £2.50 ). Incredible value, very tasty and filling.

The streets around Stroget, down along to Nyhavn and beyond are full of restaurants serving Thai ( slightly more expensive than Chinese ), Turkish, Mexican, Italian, and Indian, giving quite a cosmopolitan feel to the city. It wouldn't be fair to single out any one particular one, because all the ones we tried were of an excellent quality.

I have to say that the food was of a much higher standard than their Swedish neighbours in Stockholm - even the basic pizza houses seemed to take pride in their food. Overall, the prices, even at evening time, were of a more affordable nature than Stockholm.

I would recommend trying local dishes or eating out in a local restaurant rather than KFC or burgers to get a real feel for Copenhagen and Denmark.

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