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Puerto Moreles

One day we decided to try out Puerto Moreles. You take the taxi from the Mayan and they will drop you off right at the exit to PM. From there you will take a taxi into the town. There is not much to this town at all, very quiet. There is a little shopping. We asked a couple tourists where to eat. Five people said not to eat at the big seafood restaurant right on the beach. We found this out after we got there and eventually decided to leave after waiting 10 minutes for water. The service was terrible, but we sure had a nice spot on the beach. After walking out, we found El Picudo Azul, a little family owned place. $3 for three tacos -- fish or shrimp. $4.50 for the pollo enchilada verde. There are three table sauces, red (hot), green tomatillo, and this brown thicker sauce. It smells like roasted coffee. That was really good, very hot too. Didn't stay in PM too long as there is not much to do at all. Take a taxi back to the main highway where you can catch a bus.

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