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Tulum Photo, Cancun, Mexico

When you leave MP, take the bus to PDC, then buy a ticket to Tulum. You should tell the bus driver where you want to stop, but also watch out for yourself. The bus drops you off right on the freeway in front of a sign that says Tulum. I don't know if they charge for vehicles, but we walked in for free. When you get into the main entrance, there's a place you can buy tickets. We walked passed all this, skipped the tram & walked to the entrance of the ruins. You have to have a sticker to get in. We decided to walk down the road a little further. Have your mosquito repellant with you. A friendly dog decided to join us on our walk & stayed w/us most of the day, even though we had no food. We turned down one of the roads (3-4th exit) to find a little secluded beach & some cabanas. The beach was beautiful & not crowded at all. Had a few topless girls. Stayed till 6pm & then walked back to the ruin to find that there were many Mexican families there just walking around. We went in for free & stayed for about 30 mins until the park finally closed. The ruins are wonderful & since they are right by the water, the pictures you will take will be beautiful. I would definitely recommend a visit to Tulum.

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