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The cool maritime city Saint John

When I heard that I would be working in Saint John, NB, for 6 weeks I didn't really know what to think, especially because I never heard about Saint John before in my life.

I think the first thing that is very significant about Saint John is the people. I travelled a lot, but I never met so many nice and friendly people in one place before in my life and that might be one reason to come back to Saint John on a regular basis.

Saint John offers endless attractions and it is the gate for incredible excursions into the Bay of Fundy, "One of the Marine Wonders of the World".

One special sight is the Reversing Falls, where the highest tides in the world reverse the flow of the St. John River. It is an exciting wonder to watch and the tourist information provides a tide timetable and you can make sure to be there in time. Another opportunity to experience the Reversing Falls are jetboat rides, which you can book directly at the Falls.

Another great place to go is the Irving Nature Park, located in the west of the City. You can either walk one of the many trails or drive through by car and see typical Canadian landscape around you. If you are lucky you will see a couple of very tame squirrels, which are fun to watch.

I would also highly recommend the New Brunswick Museum, which is located in the New Brunswick Square shopping centre. The museum has three floors and focuses on science, archeology and Canadian Art. On the ground floor there is a nice gift shop where one can find nice Inuit art to buy.

The City Market is another place that should not be missed. A lot of little stalls offer everything from fresh meat, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetable to art crafts and souvenirs. The Market was built by shipbuilders and when the roof was constructed it was designed as an inverted ship’s hall, which makes the structure unique.

All the sights in Saint John are easy to reach. The City Market connects New Brunswick Square with little pedways and if you have difficulties walking you can also use lifts and elevators.

Horse and buggy tours are available throughout the city and if one is really interested in exploring the city by foot, the tourist office offers maps with suggested walking tours.

Saint John is, as all of the maritime cities, famous for seafood. A good place to eat out is "Billys Seafood", which is located in the City Market and offers a great range of delicious seafood for moderate prices. It is also possible to buy fresh lobster there and get it shipped home.

The waterfront is a great place which should not be missed, especially for all the bars and restaurants one can find there.

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