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The Niagara Evening Tour

If you get the chance to visit the Niagara Falls, I would highly recommend an Evening Tour, which gives you the opportunity to experience the Falls during daylight and during the illumination show after sunset.

We booked an Evening Tour with Grayline and left the main bus station in Toronto at 2 pm. One of the reasons why the tour was such a success was our bus driver. He knew everything you could think of and on the way to the Falls he gave us a lot of background information on Toronto, the surrounding areas and of course the Falls. The drive from Toronto to Niagara should normally not take longer than approximately 2 hours, but our tour led us away from the highway and through the beautiful landscape of the wine region around Niagara-on-the-lake. We also stopped at a local winery for wine tasting. The attraction there was ice wine. The grapes for that wine are picked during winter and result in a very sweet dessert wine.

After the wine tasting we drove through Niagara-on-the-lake, which is a very nice little town with a lot of shops and unique buildings. Unfortunately it is not allowed to park buses inside the town and that was the reason why we could only drive through, but we still got a good impression on what the town is like.

We arrived at the Falls at around 5 pm and were directly brought to the Maid of the Mist for our boat trip closer to the Falls. We were all provided with raincoats and then the journey started. It was just amazing. We got very close to the Falls and of course would have been totally wet if we hadn't had our blue garbage bags. I would highly recommend to do a Maid of the Mist tour when visiting the Niagara Falls. The cost for the boat trip is around 13 $CAD if you go there individually, for us the boat trip was included in the price.

It really was a great experience to be that close to the waterfalls and we took a lot of pictures with rainbows shining within the water cascades.

In our tour dinner was also included in the price. We didn't really expect what we were about to encounter, but we had dinner in the Sheraton Hotel in the Penthouse Restaurant with a gorgeous view on the Falls.

After dinner we had some time on our own and we could stroll through the shops, the Hard Rock Cafe or even the Casino. At 9 pm the nicest part of the tour started. They illuminated the Falls with different colors and that created such a great atmosphere and it was an overwhelming experience. As we took part in the tour on a Sunday we were lucky enough to see the fireworks. During the summer months those fireworks are done on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and they are a great contribution to the already illuminated Falls.

We left Niagara at around 10 pm to go back to Toronto. I guess everybody in the bus was thinking about what a great day we had and how glad we were we took part in that tour.

It's possible to book that tour over the internet and the price is $85 US per person, although it might seem a bit pricier the whole tour is definitely worth the money, especially if you consider what is included in the price.

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