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A DAY TRIP TO COCOA BEACH Photo, Titusville, Florida

During our stay, we decided to drive over to Cocoa Beach to see if the the ocean and beach were prettier there. We spent a wonderful morning on the beach just across the road from Patrick Air Force Base, which turned out to be a good choice of location. Several young military men were in wet suits getting their exercise by surfing in the Atlantic while we were there. We enjoyed watching the successful (and the unsuccessful!) attempts to ride the waves. The seashelling was not quite as good at that site as we had found at the Canaveral National Seashore, but the surfing entertainment made the drive over worthwhile.

On the way back to Titusville, we stopped at a park near Port Canaveral to watch the fishermen and also to get a better view of the cruiseships and other boats at the Port. There was a lot of activity there and several large ships were being loaded with cargo as we watched. It was pretty exciting to imagine where the ships and their cargo were going and what types of adventures awaited the crews on their journeys.

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