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Port Aransas , Texas, is a Fun Place!

Port Aransas Photo, Port Aransas, Texas

While walking on the beach, we met a couple from West Virginia who were spending three months in Port Aransas. They told us about many activities in the area, and especially about the birding opportunities, since they were really into that. They were also collecting barnacles and had plans to create a sculpture from them.

We decided to explore the area and to discover the fun stuff in Port Aransas. We began by reading everything we could find about activities and sites to see and then driving around to also see what we could discover.

We found that the marina area was a fun place for us. We love sea birds, large freighters, fishing, and fishing boats. The marina provided many hours of walking and watching people fish. We also enjoyed watching the preparations for taking the various boats out for shrimping and fishing. While we were there each day, large freighters made their way past us as they journeyed to ports for loading or unloading their cargoes.

Since one of our favorite "fun" activities is eating, we also enjoyed eating at the many restaurants in Port Aransas. Our favorite was Virginia's on the Bay. The restaurant has many windows looking out on the bay, and we loved to watch the boats as they moved along in the bay while we ate.

We love Port Aransas and plan to get back down there soon.

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