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An Emotional Return to Mustang Island

Mustang Island Photo, Port Aransas, Texas

My sister and I grew up in south Texas, and both my parents were born within a little over an hour's drive from Mustang Island. We vacationed on Mustang Island several years during our youth, but in those days everyone referred to the island as Padre Island. In those days, we took a long ferry ride from Port Aransas over to the island, and then drove up the beach for several miles, where my Mom and Dad would pitch our tent and put up cots and set up a home away from home for us. Since many nights we went to sleep with sandy, gritty accumulations on our feet and legs, I had been left with a few bad memories of those vacations. We always enjoyed swimming in the Gulf, hunting for seashells, and playing on the beach, but there was an absence of the creature comforts we enjoyed at home. In those days, everything except sand and the Gulf had to be brought with you to the island, since there were no stores or restaurants.

Our trip in December, 2003, erased a lot of the bad memories and created a lot of new ones for us. We revisited several spots on Mustang Island with special memories for us. We also enjoyed several wonderful seafood restaurants, shopped at a large modern grocery store. During our vacation, we were also able to attend a big family reunion in Vanderbilt, find and visit the site of the old original school in Olivia where our Dad taught in the early 1930s, visit the cemetery in Olivia where our parents and a number of other relatives are buried, and to decorate graves of grandparents and great grandparents in Edna, Texas. The photographs of numerous headstones will help us record more of our family history for our children and grandchildren. Maybe in the future they will want to also make the journey to Mustang Island

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