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A Boat Ride on Lake Lure

A BOAT RIDE ON LAKE LURE Photo, Lake Lure, North Carolina

Lake Lure Tours has several pontoon boat tours on Lake Lure. We took one of these rides on our first free day at Fairfield Mountains. The tour was very interesting since the tour leader told us the history of the lake.

Lake Lure is a 15,000 acre man-made lake, which Dr. Morris, the owner of the valley in the early 1900s, had built. A small town was flooded when the lake went in and still lies below about 100 feet of lake water. Only the very wealthy lived on Lake Lure at the beginning, but when Dr. Morris fell on hard times during the depression and failed to pay his taxes, he lost ownership of the lake and others were allowed to put homes on the lake. There are still many expensive homes surrounding this beautiful lake, and it is a major recreation area for locals and tourists in summer. We enjoyed hearing about the lake's history and seeing the homes and other sites on Lake Lure.

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