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Rain, Rain & More Rain!

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

We wanted a quiet couple of weeks in sunny Southern California. We arrived at the park on a sunny day. There had been rain earlier in the week, and there were still puddles standing in some of the sites. We chose a site but immediately had two different people come up and tell us that the site had been underwater a few days earlier. Per their suggestion, we chose a site that looked like it was much lower, but they assured us it would be drier if more rain arrived.

The day after we arrived, it started raining again. Two days after that it was still raining. The fourth day, the sun peeked out. The park was underwater, except for a few high spots. We had been given good advice, as our site WAS mostly above water. There was about an inch of water covering our mat in front of the door. The park closed to all incoming traffic and suggested departures for anyone who had somewhere else to go. We didn't and we weren't underwater, so we stayed. Some people tried to leave and ended up in the canals that wound throughout the park. There was no way to tell where the roads began or ended, so it was easy to make a mistake. The park was up to the task and spent the next 3 days pumping out water as fast as they could. The sewer system was inoperable until they could get the water down. It was a really interesting visit but not quite what we had in mind. The final week we were there, the weather held and we enjoyed feeding the many varieties of waterfowl outside our RV. It was strange to see fish flopping in RV sites as the water slowly receded.

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