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A soul awakening

A beautiful three hour drive from Manitoba's capital city Winnipeg, lies Elkhorn Resort.

Besides the beautiful surroundings of Elkhorn's resort, the solstice spa awaits the traveller; her pristine waters inviting you to soak your troubles away.

My wife and I spent a weekend here during her second trimester. A selfish weekend to ourselves before the arrival of our son, a weekend to enjoy ourselves and enjoy complete comfort and luxury.

Upon arriving at the resort, we quickly changed into our bathing suits, and made our way to the main resort. And within an hour of checking in began soaking in the mineral pool. Hours spent soaking in the tub, left us a little withered, but rejuvenated for the night, and after a quick healthy meal we made our way to bed with visions of the spa and treatments dancing in our heads.

With morning came a sprinkle of snow, and the chilly air as again we rushed to the main resort and the comforts of the mineral pools.

We felt tranquility that is only written about as we soaked in the pool discussing how life was soon to change with the arrival of our first child and then the call came for our appointed times for massage treatment.

Everything after that was a blur, and even though I had promised myself I would not fall asleep during the massage I awoke with drool running down my chin, and a smile on my face.

My body was recharged and my soul awakened, and arm in arm with my wife we made it back to our room, and slept a nights sleep our parents tell us we will only be dreaming of.

And with morning came the drive back to Winnipeg, travelling into the rising sun, the light glistening off the snow. We had been recharged and looking forward to the new year and the things to come.

And now writing this I look forward to our next stay, this time with our newborn son Luke this fall, again a chance to get reenergized and ready for the new year and things to come.

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