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Hola, amigos/amigas! La Caranta is a small fishing village where friendly locals work hard to earn a living. Hippocampus Beach Resort is beautifully laid out on a spacious hill overlooking the sea. It is equipped with all the usual amenities, including a pool and a whirlpool. It is also 20 minutes from the main shopping centre in Porlamar and even closer to the Conejeros flea market, where you can find excellent deals in clothing.

The store clerks in Porlamar are generally very helpful and willing to find your size in any item of clothing that suits your fancy. Although a knowledge of Spanish is not absolutely essential, it would be helpful to have a phrasebook if you are not accompanied by a guide/interpreter.

Foreign exchange is good if you are travelling from North America/Europe. You have lots of buying power! Be careful not to change your money on the streets, though: always go into a bank or cambio.

Getting around by public buses and taxis is extremely affordable.

On the whole, Isla de Margarita is a beautiful place to visit, as interaction with the local population makes your stay even more pleasant. Enjoy!

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