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Dining in Venice

Tables Photo, Venice, Italy

Unfortunately, we were not able to try any of the great restaurants in Venice, as they all required reservations. I have heard wonderful things about Alla Zucca and Al Covo, but both were full up soon after opening.

Restaurants in Venice open after 7pm, contrary to the rumor that Venice closes early. Many restaurants line the lagoonside, near Piazza San Marco. There are also trattorias scattered around all of the sestieres and on some of the islands. We did enjoy Alle Bucco on Murano, open only for lunch. Venice is famous for fish and seafood, but most restaurants offer pizza. Pizza is often cheaper than ordering a full meal, which generally includes an antipasto, primo, and secondo. Also traditional is following the meal with a coffee or digestive, usually expresso (the small black one) or grappa (a grape-based liqueur). I really enjoyed a small glass of Limoncello after my meal. That combined with the traditional sparkling Prosecco led to a few wobbly walks back to the hotel.

Other options for food include standup and takeaway. Both of these options are more traditional and cheaper than taking a seat. For breakfast, you can order the traditional cappuccino and pastry at a cafe. For lunch, there are sandwich shops that will heat up your sandwich. This is much cheaper than going to a restaurant, especially in the vicinity of San Marco. One of the best sandwiches we tried contained prosciutto crudo and thick squares of brie.

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