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Service Concerns

Service Concerns
In my experience, having owned my off-season week for only one year, the service at Samoset is not reliable or responsive.

In my dealings with front desk, reservation, billing, and other resort staff (not dining staff), I have been less than satisfied. I get bounced around for basic questions. I seem to always have someone on the phone who just started their job and can't answer my question. I have even had to deal with poor attitudes and cool rigidity. I can't say for sure if there are genuine problems with staff morale or turnover.

There are too many rules and that creates a rather staunch atmosphere. We weren't admitted into our room until exactly 4pm, even though the resort was almost empty--not many golfers in Maine in January. I had never before been turned away before check-in time, at any hotel or resort, when a room was ready. But Lisa at the front desk turned us away rather curtly, with a sharp remark about how check-in time was written on our reservation confirmation. The couple behind us was also turned away. Then at 4 pm, we all lined up to get our room keys and jammed the stairwells trying to unload our luggage. This was inconvient and frustrating for us and I was disappointed at the lack of flexibility and service demonstrated by this steel clad check-in time. There are also fees levied for late check out.

The pull-out sofa in our room had the soiled sheets of the previous occupant still on them when we opened it for our use. A call to the front desk, had a housekeeping staff member there within ten minutes. However, this incident raised some fears about cleanliness.

Our room guide had four pages of rules, apparently written by an attorney with a creative imagination, because it went so far as to prohibit farm animals, bare feet, and 'objectional behavior' from the resort. There are also many rules about where you can walk on the grounds because of the golf course. Thankfully, we took all this in stride and it didn't affect our stay. I am holding out hope that I have had a series of bad luck interactions with staff and that customer service is not a perpetual problem.

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