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Murray Mouth

If you have your own four-wheel drive vehicle, a trip along the beach to the Murray Mouth is a must. Take care though, as the amount of vehicle remaining is inversely proportional to the amount of salt water collected. Actually, with a four-wheel drive vehicle and some care, you can negotiate the beach without getting the tyres wet. At one point, the track leaves the beach and goes through the dunes towards Lake Alexandrina before rejoining the beach near the Murray Mouth. Care needs to be taken when driving onto the beach through the loose dry sand and again when leaving. Those experienced in beach driving will know how much air to let out of the tyres to aid progress. It is a good place to practice as help is not far away.

For those who want to preserve their four-wheel drive vehicle, it should be possible to rent one. The Mobil service station on the corner of the road leading to the beach entry was renting Land Rovers when we were there.

Why visit the Murray Mouth? Well, it is our largest and most significant river. The cautious and energetic can probably get there by driving to the barrages and walking across the dunes. Shoe leather is cheaper than auto panels! I tried it. Watch out for snakes!

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