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Passport Stamped!

the main street. Photo, Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a very small county in south central Europe, in the Alps between Austria and Switzerland. It’s famous for skiing and being a money center. Vaduz is the capital, and Ruggell, Triesen, and Malbun are three popular cities. Liechtenstein is very much tied to Switzerland, so if you can't find information listed under Liechtenstein, look under Switzerland.

We stopped at Liechtenstein for a leg stretch, toilet break, and a snack. The day we visited, the male public toilets were out of order. The hour or so spent in Vaduz was quite long enough to get our passports stamped, buy some postcards, and have a drink. Vaduz had little to offer otherwise. There is a castle (palace?) on top of the hill wherein dwell the Liechtenstein ruling class. For a mere three euros, you can get a stamp in your passport. Given that we travelled through seven countries on our European tour without having to present passports for stamping, it was an opportunity we just had to take. We don't travel that often, and to visit so many countries in a short space of time without presenting out passports for stamping was disappointing. Not that we like all the hassles that go with customs, but it is nice to look back through the passport and say..... yes! I remember that trip! Vaduz also has some shopping opportunities for souvenirs, but the range is limited, and prices in Switzerland are more reasonable. By all means, look, but we found nothing to tempt us.

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