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Natural Beauty

Care for some cod cheeks, squid burgers, or seal flipper pie? These admittedly unusual dishes are quite common fare at Newfoundland's dinner tables. But is such delicacies aren't your cup of tea, try something less exotic -- bake-apple pie, made with wild berries plucked from coastal bogs, is one savory local treat.

We walked off the extra calories with a stroll along the St. John's Harbour. This harbour is guarded by windswept headlands and has a jumble of brightly painted clapboard houses which seem to cling to rocks above the shoreline. We explored the narrow, centuries old streets behine the harborfront and found all sorts of traditional fare.

We tried Jiggs dinner, which is vegetables boiled with salted meat, fish, and brewis (boiled fish and hard bread chopped together), and then figgy duff (steamed pudding with raisins) for dessert.

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