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Harborside & Atlantis

To summerize, we had a blast! We enjoyed the Atlantis resort and its pools & slides, gardens, restaurants, beaches, and attractions. We liked the location of Harborside since it gave us an escape from the busy atmosphere of Atlantis. We liked the food at the restaurants, but it was expensive. Our place having a kitchen helped to save on breakfast meals.

We arrived without a glitch except we kept waiting for our luggage which had already been set aside against the wall behind us. That wasted about 20 minutes as we were the only ones not confused by this. The taxi rides from/to airport were OK but our drivers were not very sociable.

Back to the Atlantis - our first visit filled us with awe as we took in the grandeur of Atlantis. Both my wife & I have been to Vegas before and agreed it had the same feel for the glitz. Don't get me wrong because I sincerely mean that in a good way. Every detail was excellent and you can sense the amount of money they put into building the place. The main Royal Tower Lobby is huge. A walk downstairs opens to the Cafe at the Great Hall of Waters restaurant which features the main lagoon with sharks, lobsters, rays including an 8 foot manta and multitudes of fish. This delayed our walk to the beach another 30 minutes.

The gardens were very nice - you have to walk through them to get to the pools and beaches from the Royal towers. The lagoons along with the gardens featured sealife of every kind. There were waterfalls as well. The scenery was excellent when you look up to see the towers looming over the gardens.

We started off in the Paradise Lagoon which links to the sea but is "protected". It was a great place to hang for the day, but it did get crowded as the day wore on. The lagoon featured some fish but you have to look for them. Beyond the ropes where it is about 10-12 feet deep, it is mandatory to swim with a life vest. We saw several people snorkeling (available to rent) and paddle boating. The rentals are not run by Atlantis but by an outside vendor. It was $45 for the 4 person paddle boat for 30 minutes. We did see some colorful fish but had to paddle around the entire lagoon to find their favorite areas.

The following days we tried Cove Beach which was nicer and more quiet than the Atlantis Beach. More kids & family here. The water was so clear and plentiful of fish. The kids loved it when they saw and fed the fish which freely swam up to them. We also tried the various pools. I went down the famous Mayan Temple slide but could not see the sharks in the clear tube - water splashing on my eyes kept me from seeing anything. Go early or late to avoid the long lines. The pool areas do get crowded at Atlantis which is why we enjoyed the Harborside pool so much. Here there were no crowds.

The attractions were also enjoyable. The Dig was great to discover but we never got around to seeing Discovery camp. The casino was beautiful and don't miss the glass sculptures of the moon & sun.

We enjoyed ourselves so much we didn't do any other excursions except for the ferry ride into Nassau to shop at the straw market. Shop around and bargain to hit the bottom prices. Most of the stalls end up carrying the same products so you can be picky and not buy from the first stall you see. Lunch at Senor Frogs is convenient but better values can be found I'm sure.

Given the young age of our kids, there was enough in Atlantis to keep us occupied for the whole week. It was the perfect vacation for their age and allowed us to relax - no driving needed - shuttles were available between all the Atlantis locations.


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