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The Nightlife of Helsinki

Ah yes, here we come to the subject dearly loved by young people. Bars, new people, excitement: nightlife!

There is really an abundance of different sorts of nightlife in Helsinki, anything from grubby little bars, to big,trendy places. There are places for hippies and popsters, metalheads and gays/lesbians, rocksters and jazz-friends and lots more.

Highlight is the place to go for anyone who loves popular music and popular people. A club for high-maintenace youngsters, the crème de la crème of Finnish "high-society". There is also another Highlight, the Highlight Café, which despite is name is not really all that café-ish, it's a place owned by the ice-hockey player Jari Kurri (this for anyone who knows the sport) and is obviously a place to go when you have sports on your mind. Ice hockey is probably the most popular sport in Finland and this place will be packed to its limits when the season is on (not to mention the world championships, when the bar will be packed outside its limits!). ,p>Kantakrouvi, by its regulars known lovingly as Kantis (I don't visit often, honestly!) is the place for old men of the neighbourhood who come over for a beer or two, or four . . . but during Friday and Saturday evenings, it turns into a raunchy heavy metal joint very much favoured by the more hmh, "alternative", youngsters of Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa. If it's nu-metal you're looking for, forget it, it won't happen.

Corner is another place, and a classier one, and more favoured by visitors from other countries, as well as musicians, and perhaps by a few popsters who have wandered inside by mistake. Nu-metal occasionally happens here. So rejoice oh you Korn fans! But the best evenings at this place are the back to the 80's evenings . . . I'm talking hair and music with an attitude!

Gays will enjoy either Hercules or DTM, which are the places most favoured by the Finnish gay population, and very much liked by others too. Great atmosphere! So here in a nutshell is some of Helsinki's nightlife. But if you didn't find your "group" here, don't fret, there will be something for you. Just walk around town and follow the people who look interesting, they'll lead you to the very place for you!

Prices vary, but are generally thought to be moderate. Some places are more pricey, others cheaper. Obviously.

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