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Hidden adventures

For only $10 admission per car, the possibilities are endless. You can follow the map that is handed to you to create a number of soothing and adventurous experiences. Our first stop was Big Salmon River, where we set out on a 4-hour journey by foot. It ended off at a rocky riverbed with a suspension footbridge towering over the water. It was neat to walk across the shaky overhang and explore the shores on both sides of the terrain. There is also a tourist lodge where you can stop and have a snack.

Back into the car, and after a great maritime dinner at Seawind's in the town of Alma, we headed only a few miles down the road to do some kayaking. At Alma wharf, you can witness the high tides as well as learn how to sea kayak. Tired from a long day, we decided to opt for the calmer option and rent two kayaks from a local entrepreneur and cruised around a calm lake where you could dock your kayak and explore a tiny island or wait in hopes of catching a beaver near one of the numerous beaver dams.

Being only a day trip, we didn't have a chance to hike to one the secluded waterfalls or visit the famous Hopewell Rocks, just a few more of the treasures lurking in the nature retreat that I have visited in the past and hope to do so again soon.

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