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Charles Fort

Charles Fort was built in the 17th century and has been the location of numerous historic battles. This fort is a star shaped fort and it is considered to be the largest fort in the country. It is said to have been designed by William Robinson who was a famous architect in Ireland. There were battles at the fort that are recorded to have happened from dates such as 1690 to the Irish civil war in 1922 when it was eventually destroyed. Most of the skeleton of the fort is still intact but you can no longer go inside too many of the buildings that used to be accessible. You can take tours of this fort on a daily basis and they run quite frequently. Listed below are the prices:

Admission Adult €3.50 Child €1.25
Student €1.25 Senior €2.50
Family €8.25 Group €2.50

It is an interesting tour and you even get added details such as local ghost stories. Whether you take a guided tour or just walk around on your own, the fort is not to be missed.

Aside from the Fort itself, there are some great pictures of the area to be had for photographers. Since the fort is up high, you can see all around you and get some great shots.

A Warning: The fort is on uneven ground and there are many hilly parts and steps that you have to climb, so I do not recommed it for people who have walking difficulties.

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