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Barbados Beach Photo, Barbados, Caribbean

Barbados was our next stop. Unfortunately the sky was overcast, but it was still really hot. We docked in Bridgetown and walked around the town a bit, but it was not very impressive. There was a pretty cool church and we stopped into a duty free shop to break our $20s into smaller bills. It's really helpful to take a lot of ones and fives because that is what you use most often. If you always have $20s it can be a pain if you want to pick up a postcard or take a short taxi ride.We then grabbed a taxi to the closest beach. It was not that far and we could see our ship from the area. The beach was pretty incredible. There were bits of coral washing up onshore. The one odd thing was that it was right next to some sort of alcohol plant and when you walked up the beach a bit you could smell the alcohol, but it wasn't bad where all of the people were. The pictures would have come out better if the sky was clearer, but it was pretty cool there.Too save some cash we ended up walking back to the boat, it was about a mile or so. We accidentally had a detour into the shipping port, but other than that it was a good idea.Of all the islands, I thought that Barbados would be the one I would go back to for an entire week because there seemed to be a lot of things to do there.

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