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Summit County Photo, Dillon, Colorado

Some may say the only time to visit Colorado is in the peak of ski season, others may tell you that the summer season is the best time to go. We however found that the "mud season" was perfect for those who don't like big crowds and love bargain hunting!

Starting Memorial Day weekend in Northwest Colorado begins the mud season. This is when the snow from mountains tops start to melt off, the streams run full and all the beautiful wild flowers start to bloom.

It also marks the time for all the shops and restaurants to begin opening. Make sure to pick up a copy of the local free paper in Summit County every day. Featured inside is not only a listing of all the local events going on, but every single restaurant running two for one dinners and lunches! We were able to go to some rather exspensive places to dine on this deal and not break our vacation bank. Those not running two for one deals still featured discount coupons in the paper as well. And The Mint, a local restaurant downtown Dillion, ran a special $2.99 night while we were there, including steaks, prime rib, all you can eat salad bar and more!!! The locals all know about it and it was packed, so you want to get there when they first open!

All the shops in Dillion, Frisco and Breckenridge were just starting to open and clean out last seasons inventory and we got some great buys! We purchased a huge painting of a moose walking thru a bunch of aspens, "Walk in the Woods", for 50% the regular price. We also purchased some t-shirts, sweatshirts, beautiful Christmas ornaments, and some jewelry for 75-80% off as well. To top it off every single place we called to take a tour or to hire a guide we were able to go either that very day or the following day and many of the places were also offering discounts.

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