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Our Colossal Adventures in Rhodes

The Port of Marmaris, Turkey Photo, Rhodes, Greece

We were so excited over this trip and so glad it lived up to our expectations, with more adventures to boot!

After a grueling flight schedule (L.A.-London-Athens-Rhodes), we were ready to just relax, sleep in comfortable beds, bask in Apollo's favored island, and relish Greek food, wine, music, and culture. Little did we know what kind of adventures were lying in wait . . .

The staff at Sun Beach Holiday Club welcomed us on our first day at the resort, where we had a BBQ lunch. Afterwards, we walked through the resort complex, acquainting ourselves with its facilities. We checked out the beach and it was so beautiful! We also booked our tours with Rosemarie, who was very helpful and kind.

But, we needed to catch up on our sleep, so we slept through most of the day. At night, we put on our dancing shoes and were ready for the wine tasting and dance contest -- what fun we had! We even made it to the finals!

Our first tour was a boat trip to Marmaris, Turkey. We had a very personable tour guide, Ali, who spoke fluent English, had a good sense of humor, and gave us lots of information. After stopping at a gold center and a carpet shop, we were "let loose" in their huge bazaar -- all three of us separated to do our own shopping and agreed to meet up at the allotted meeting time and place. Suddenly, all the lights went out! I was caught inside a ceramic shop and had to shout for someone to hear me; moreover, I was worried about our niece! Where could she be? Was she all right? Fortunately, the Turkish merchants were very nice and when the lights finally came on again, I found her; she was walking the streets when the lights went out. Whew! Afterwards, we all headed for dinner and entertainment at Sedirhan, a well-known resort. We enjoyed the food, Turkish folk music and belly dancing, but our adventure wasn't over yet. Ali politely told us we couldn't sail back to Rhodes that night because the waves were too rough. Five busloads of tourists were stranded in Turkey! But they took good care of us, billeted us in a five-star hotel with free accommodations and breakfast buffet, and our night of uncertainty turned into a very memorable stay in Marmaris!

Wednesday, we explored Old Town Rhodes, since we were already at the port. Please refer to the Historic Sights portion of this journal for our time there.

Since we missed our island tour, my niece and I decided to tour Lindos, while my husband golfed in Afandou - we were glad we did! The medieval town of Lindos, with the white-painted houses, is nestled below its magnificent Acropolis. We meandered through its pebbled streets, some with intricate mosaic patterns. We went inside a Greek Orthodox church dedicated to the Virgin Mary that had beautiful Byzantine frescoes of saints. Then, we climbed the steps to the Acropolis and admired the magnificent views of white sandy beaches and the bay where St. Paul preached about Christ. As for the donkeys, we didn't ride them, but took pictures of other tourists who did. And, of course, we had a swell time shopping for more souvenirs! We brought our swimsuits just in case there was time for a swim, but it rained instead. Finally, it was time to catch the shuttle bus that was to take us back to the big parking lot where the tour bus was waiting. I noticed something wasn't right --I didn't see anyone from our group at the designated spot and we had waited for 20 minutes! Fortunately, a member of our tour group, an American, came back for us, and explained that no shuttle bus came and we either had to take a taxi or walk up the street to get to the tour bus. We chose to walk, and by the time we reached the bus, I was huffing and puffing! But we made it, thanks to the others who insisted the bus not leave without us -- we were on the way back to Ialyssos, on time!

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