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Mammoth Hot Springs Photo, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Entering the park from the south the view of the Grand Tetons was a perfect way to start our tour of the park. The first stop was Lewis Lake. Small hike to view Lewis Falls. Snow was still on the ground in July!

We stayed in Grant Village the first night and spotted the first Bison. This is probably the most spotted animal--many times we had to stop the car as they would stand in the middle of the road! Grant Village has an amphitheater where lectures are given.

The next morning we headed west stopping to see Old Faithful, taking too many photos of this geyser! Next on to the Fountain Paint Pots--a MUST see. No walking is necessary to enjoy this area but if you are able, take the half mile loop around to view all of the geyers, mud pots, and steam vents. There is also a worthwhile loop around Firehole Lake Drive. From here we headed up to the upper loop and visited the Mammoth Hot Springs. This hotel was the nicest we stayed in. At the Hot Springs is where we got an up close look at the elk in the park.

The next morning we headed east and spotted bears climbing up the hill. We headed to the Tower Roosevelt area and stopped to go hiking. If you time this right you can take a stagecoach ride at Roosevelt Lodge. They were offered five times a day. This part of the park was burned out when I visited in 1996. Just a short hike will take you to the Tower Falls--by now you will want to get out of the car again anyway. Continue south and be sure to stop at the canyon where we saw bald eagles flying over the canyon. Deer will be easily spotted on the side of the road.

The trip from Canyon Village down to Fishing Bridge may remind you of the Shenandoah Mountains. Green and beautiful--such a stark contrast to the northern end of the park! Be sure to stop by the lake for a picnic! If you have time the park service offers boat rides and rentals at the Bridge Bay marina.

There were many activities including horsebacking riding that you could enjoy, but be forewarned. Many of these activities require advance reservations. They also had a lot of restrictions on the horses--height, weight, and age. Again, I cannot stress enough to plan ahead!

The park had so much to see and do. The sights were so varied from one side to the other and from the north to the south. You might think you have been in several states!

To sum up my visit--WOW! It was the best vacation I have ever had! We drove from the park stayed a few days in Cody and then headed down to Colorado Springs. 15 days of bliss!

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