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Addis Ababa

Timkat festival in Addis Photo, Ethiopia, Africa


Stayed at the Baro Hotel -- room price ranges from 50 to 60 birr. Great staff -- they do a "coffee ceremony" in the afternoon most days.

While changing buses I stayed at the Kagnew Shelaka Hotel in the Mercato, just across the street from the City Bus Station -- rooms are beautiful, large and clean, but overpriced at 40 birr since the shared toilets are putrid and the plumbing is broken -- there’s absolutely no running water. Forget about bathing or showering.

Heard good things about the St. George Hotel in the Piazza, around the corner from the Ethiopian Airlines office, but didn’t stay there.

Addis Ababa Restaurant

-- great traditional decor in a beautiful old mansion, excellent téj, delicious food. Located north of Piazza -- follow the road north from DeGaulle Square, passing a Shell station and St. George church, continue north to the Mobil station where the road forks, but keep going north (more or less) taking the road passing the gas station on the right (east) side, look for a lane/road branching off to the left (west) with a green neon sign 100m up.

GK Restaurant

-- My main hangout for food in Addis (or maybe it was the restaurant next door to the south -- they shared the same sign). Good kitfo, pasta, and pizza!

Worth seeing

-- Mercato, National Museum, Institute of Ethiopian Studies (Ethnographic Museum). And in a strange way, The Sheraton! Wow.

Map problems

-- The Lonely Planet map has mislabelled Arat Kilo. Arat Kilo is the intersection near the Natural History Museum. The next major intersection to the north (the National Museum and Blue Tops restaurant) is called Amist Kilo. And the next major intersection to the north of that (labelled "Arat Kilo" in LP) near the University and Ethnological Museum is called Siddist Kilo. You’ll need to know the right names because you’ll hear the minibuses calling out their names as they pass.

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