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Transport in St. Petersburg

A few recommendations -- you MUST travel by underground -- the metro is incredible! Some advice: look after your belongings, and learn the alphabet. Stations can be hard to identify when on the train, so count how many stations you need to pass through. Don't get in the way of the doors as they are closing. The metro is incredibly deep, and you go down for ages on very steep, fast-moving escalators. There are some stations where it is hard to see the bottom from the top -- and that is not a joke! Most of the stations are incredibly ornate, particulary see Dostoyevsky station for the gold fish scales, or Avtovo for the huge pillars. A ticket is very cheap, so buy one and ride around where ever you want. A wee warning, the red line has a break in it, so you can't go further than Lesnaia without coming out of the underground and getting a bus to the next station - don't bother. Also the interchange station technologicheskii prospekt doesn't work like all the others. The system there is that the north bound trains pull into one platform and the south bound into another -- so if you go a station too far, don't get off and get in the train on the other side of the platform thinking you'll get back to where you came from! One of the new stations on the yellow line has the same system, but it's less hassle and the other line isn't built yet!

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