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All or Nothing in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a great place. It must be as this is my third year in a row returning to this island and my friend’s eighth year!

Koh Samui offers all I desire in a holiday destination: absolute relaxation, beautiful beaches with very temperate waters, massages at very reasonable prices, nightlife, shopping, and fantastic on-the-road restaurants run by the locals!

Last year, our restaurant experience was very interesting! We found a locally run place and the smells were fantastic, so we thought we would give it a go! Our first request as it was so warm was for eight Heineken -- very cold please! It was so funny to be asked by the owner if we could pay now please, so I can go buy very cold Heineken for you!!!!! Pay we did and provide he did!! Then came the meal, which was absolute perfection! If you love Thai food, then get off the main roads and give the locals a go. This was a family run operation with a granny out the back peeling and preparing as fast as she could go, children lying straight on the concrete floor next to our table, some sleeping and some doing homework! There was lots of chatter and the results were fantastic!

Koh Samui has changed over the years -- you will find Gloria Jean’s Coffee and the dreaded McDonalds -- but it still holds that Thai charm.

The value for money is unbelievable. Last year, my friend and I had a meal, and four of the lovely cold Heinekens – the total for the two of us was AU$12!!

There are lots of bars complete with Thai girls, there are sports bars, and there’s lots of shopping!

When flying to Koh Samui, we have come via Bangkok; however, this time (June 2004) we will be flying via Singapore. Either way from Australia or New Zealand, you will need a night’s stopover on the way.

Our usual length of stay is two weeks; I feel very relaxed by this stage and really feel as if I have had a decent holiday.

It’s only three months until we go again and every time we leave we all say, "Well, only 11 months ‘til we are back again!"

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