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Historic New Ulm Buildings - Part 2

Old Garage Photo, New Ulm, Texas

Here are a few other historic New Ulm buildings. One is the old garage that I grew up next to. By the time I had grown to a teenager, it was abandoned and remains abandoned today. This is one of the buildings New Ulm is known for.

I spent the first 16 years of my life in the house shown in the photo below. I remember the cold Texas winters and being very cold in this house--we only had kerosene stoves and a wood stove in the kitchen. My father would put out the logs before we went to bed and we''d all go to our beds and put lots of feather blankets over us. Man, was that toasty! Before we got up, my father lit the stoves and we carefully got up and took our baths and dressed.

They say you can never go back to where you grew up, but I can remember as if it were yesterday, and the fun I had growing up here. Like the song says, "Take a good look around. . .this is MY hometown." And it will be forever in my heart.

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