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Historic New Ulm Buildings - Part 1

Old New Ulm Schoolhouse Photo, New Ulm, Texas

New Ulm has many historic homes and buildings. Among them are several homes built in the 1890s and still being lived in today, including my father and stepmother’s home.

St John Lutheran Church is still very active–-it was built in 1913. The old schoolhouse was built in 1893, now used by the church as a Sunday School building. I attended grades one through six here. My father was a teacher. Every time I see this schoolhouse today, I walk around it and can vividly remember the days when I played ''kick the ball'' or ''hide and seek'' in the schoolyard. Nothing has really changed.

My fellow schoolmates from this elementary school now are dispersed nationwide, some already retired, some working for banks, some in government. Hey, we all ''made it'' in the world so to speak, and it''s nice to have the schoolhouse still in New Ulm for us to recollect.

The church also brings back memories. I remember going to Sunday School here in the 1950s and especially remember the Christmas programs we had. It was a magical experience where I learned the words to all of today''s Christmas carols. I also remember going to some night services in the hot summer months when junebugs would buzz around my head during services. There was no air conditioning in those days!

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