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Texas Bluebonnets - New Ulm area

Field of Blue Photo, New Ulm, Texas

New Ulm, Texas is right in the middle of Bluebonnet Country in southeast Texas. Here are a few photos of these famous legumes, which is the state flower of Texas. They bloom at slightly different times of the year, mostly from mid March to Mid April and each year is different--some years there are wild bluebonnets everywhere and in other years they are rather sparse.

Remember the days when we were younger when we took the time to ''smell the roses'' so to speak? Well, I remember laying in a patch of bluebonnets in our backyard when I was a child and watching the wispy white clouds float by while taking in the sweet aroma of the bluebonnets. Whenever I smell a bluebonnet today, memories rush back to my childhood when we picked them for Easter nests or just laid around in them.

Bluebonnets are wild flowers and some fields have a continuous display of blue as far as the eye can see. They don’t cut the grass next to highways in parts of Texas for weeks during bluebonnet season.

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