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Backyard Bliss Photo, New Ulm, Texas

New Ulm, Texas, is only 70 miles from bustling Houston, but far enough off the beaten path to have really secluded and quiet areas. At night you can look up at the pitch-black skies and see thousands of bright stars, not hindered by city lights. "The skies at night are big and bright--deep in the heart of Texas."

You can hear crickets, coyotes, and all sorts of unknown animals in the woods after dark. A walk in those dark woods after dark can be scary! But sleeping with the deafening quiet has to be experienced to fully appreciate. That is one reason many from Houston are starting to build houses in the New Ulm area.

Dreaming was easy to do in the quiet of the night in New Ulm. And you can still dream today in that same solitude. You can also take a long walk in the woods in the daytime without fear of meeting anyone else. New Ulm is a great place to live and visit.

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