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Some Notes on Negril

The merchants in Negril are very aggressive when trying to sell to you. If your aren't interested, don't even look their way, otherwise you may find yourself trying to bargain for something you didn't even want in the first place. Cabs in Negril aren't cheap, so be prepared to pay between US$5-12 dollars for two or more people when trying to get to the Westend or to town from seven-mile beach or vice versa. When dealing with merchants and cab drivers stick to your price until they come down some, but be reasonable with your price as well.

If you are a swimmer you will love Negril! The beaches are impeccable for swimming -- clean and very calm.

Food at most hotel restaurants is not cheap. Most seafood dishes run equal to American prices. For some good curry or jerk chicken, ask a cab driver to take you to a good food stand away from the hotels, where you can likely pay $5 for hearty and tasty food.

Rick's Cafe is a popular restaurant and club, mostly catering to tourists. Expect some expensive daiquiris. I paid $6.50 for a small coconut drink. Red Stripe, the local beer, ran for about $3 a beer -- too much for their local brew.

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