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The Ugly Side of Vancouver..

When you see Vancouver for the first time (even the second, third, and fourth time), it is hard to get beyond the natural beauty of the city. Crossing the Cambie Street bridge, you see the downtown district, the mountains behind the towers, and the ocean.

People are often shocked when they see the homeless people, the drug addicts, prostitutes, and squeegee kids--Vancouver does have its share of problems. East Hastings (chances are you will pass through this area on your way to Gas Town) is a prime example of how Vancouver is dealing with these problems. Herd all of these sick, addicted people into an area that is approximately two city blocks in size. You can only imagine the scene. Before we moved to Vancouver, my first taste of the city was driving through this area.

I couldn't believe that there was an area like this in Canada. Living in Toronto for many years, I thought that I had seen it all--sadly, I hadn't.

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